Monthly Archives: October 2015

Links to stage descriptions and detailed maps

This morning I edited the stages page.  I added links to stage walking directions and maps located on the web site.  Each link will open in a new tab.  Now the whole route of the walk can be seen online in good detail.

Sinclair Dunnet link

Sinclair Dunnett, Inverness-based walking and history guide, provides a link to his own web site where he posts a slide show of our recent walks along the coast. Click link below.

Newsletter vol.1 no.1

Today we published our first newsletter.  Click below to see it.

I made a map today

I made a rough map of the entire walking route, to give a big picture of the project.  The page is here.

Web site created

Today we created a web site to present information about the JOGT.  For now, it will have to be a work in progress, just like the trail itself.  If you would like to help with the web page, please let me know!


Trail Highlight: Clyth Harbour