Stage 1: Inverness to Culbokie

 Please see the note below the map at the bottom of this page. 

Inverness Castle

12.5 miles | 20.2 km

The route goes along city streets of Inverness and crosses the Kessock Bridge (pedestrian walkway). It then goes through Forestry Commission woods and along quiet back roads the rest of the way.

 Green  (partially marked). The first stage of the JOGT is entirely walkable by the average fit walker. There are no obstacles. Most of the stage is on quiet back roads. The parts of the route on Forestry Commission land are marked.

The Kessock Bridge is a very high bridge and while the pedestrian walkway is very secure with a tall railing, it may lead some walkers to experience unease. Road walking, even on quiet back lanes such as on this stage, can always be dangerous. Walk on the right except at right curves.

Stage End Information
Culbokie is accessible via car on B-roads and is just off the A9. The Stagecoach Bus 22 to/from Inverness stops on the Culbokie high street. Stagecoach Bus X99 between Inverness and Thurso will pick up and drop off along the A9 near the Cromarty Bridge, about a ten minute walk from Culbokie. Culbokie has a shop and a pub, as well as the Netherton Farm B&B and other B&Bs.

More information


Craigiewood B&B
3 miles north of Inverness and on trail
Tel: 01463 731628
Netherton Farm B&B
0.5 mile north of Culbokie and on trail
Tel: 01349 877666
Birchwood House B&B and Birchwood Cottage
3 miles north of Inverness, 2.5 miles from trail but will pick up. Both should be booked on
Tel: 07748141229

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Kessock Bridge

The trail guide uses the cycle and pedestrian track on the Southbound side of Kessock Bridge. This is currently closed to pedestrians and cyclists. An alternative route uses the Northbound side.
Northbound walkers should turn right just before reaching the bridge, through the industrial estate. This path takes you alongside the A9 for a short distance before you can climb a set of steps up to the Northbound side. Once across the bridge, follow steps down heading towards the sea, and turn left under the bridge and back up the opposite side.
Southbound walkers should follow the ‘Path Diversion’ sign past a gate (it says no entry, but this is for the lock up). Go past the lock up and follow the metal fence round under the bridge before climbing a set of stairs to the Northbound side. Once across the bridge, follow a set of steps down to the industrial estate and follow roads back to the shore, re-join the main route here and continue into Inverness