These first four wildlife images were very generously provided by Bob and Lesley Mitchell of Colourflow Images near Helmsdale,
and on the web at All of these animals can be seen along the route of the John o’Groats Trail.

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Stag jousting is usually seen in October. (Photo credit: Bob and Lesley Mitchell, Colourflow Images)
Osprey will be seen in estuaries or rivers. (Photo credit: Bob and Lesley Mitchell, Colourflow Images)
Grey seals will be seen on rocks or sand bars, in estuaries or at sea. (Photo credit: Bob and Lesley Mitchell, Colourflow Images)
Curlew are seen in estuaries or beaches when the tide is going out. (Photo credit: Bob and Lesley Mitchell, Colourflow Images)

Scenery along the John o’Groats Trail

The photos below were taken by Jay Wilson from the trail. Click image to see full size.

Duncansby Cliffs, view South, East Caithness
Sannick Bay with Duncansby Head lighthouse seen in the distance
Approaching Old Keiss Castle on the John o’Groats Trail
Autumn sky, over Sinclair Bay, just west of Sinclair-Girnigoe Castle
Occumster Waterfall
Ruins of fish processing station at lovely natural Clyth Harbour
The footbridge at the mouth of Berriedale Water
Sea Arch “The Needle,” one mile north of Sarclet Harbour
View of Helmsdale from the slopes of the Ord of Caithness
A large proportion of Scottish rabbits have mixomitosis, causing blindness
A beautiful wide sandy beach along Golspie Golf Club
An autumn storm rages at Dunbeath, with Dunbeath Castle in the distance
The South Shore of Loch Fleet, looking toward the Mound
Just north of Lybster, walk down steps into this valley opening to the sea