JOGT News Vol. 7 No. 2 — Spring Update

A brief update. Just a couple things that couldn’t wait for the next full newsletter.

Newly built path at John o’ Groats.

A note from the chair

This is just a brief update to our newsletter recipients with a couple of quick items.

We’re doing a survey of trail users and all those interested in (or even not interested in!) the trail. We’re trying to reach as many people as possible as a demonstration of support for a funding application. If you can spare a minute, please follow the link and take the quick survey. Thanks!

I also want to thank all those who have donated to our fundraising campaign based around Rob’s Gift.

Contributions continue to come in, and amazingly, we’ve almost reached our goal of £5000 in donations! This means we’re close to getting 100% of the match funding pledged by an anonymous donor. If you would like to help push us over the top, the link is here:

By the way, see the lovely new path that’s been built at the northern end of the trail by our friends at the John o’ Groats Development Trust, photo above!

Happy Trails!

Jay Wilson, Chair

Trail walker’s update

Trail volunteers have been out, in socially distanced pairs, putting up new markers and otherwise getting ready for the first walkers. Above, see volunteer Graham Smith placing markers on a new bridge near Helmsdale.

The first long-distance trail walker was spotted by one of our trail neighbours this morning. It may have been a local resident who has taken to a remote section of the trail, but the place they were spotted is usually the reserve of people going the distance. We encourage everyone to follow the current Covid rules, and we look forward to welcoming walkers once things open up.

The trail has never been in better shape. That said, there are still a few barbed wire fences that need to be crossed and a few burns that don’t yet have bridges. While most of it is now marked, there are still a few places where people report getting lost. The trail continues to be a work in progress.

Trail wardens wanted

We have started an effort to recruit volunteers to keep an eye on specific sections of the trail. It doesn’t have to be an entire stage, it could just be a mile or two. So if there’s a bit of the trail that you frequent or that you’d like to call your own, please reply to this to let us know.