John o’ Groats Trail Bag Service

KW1CK Deliveries, based in Wick, provide a bag transfer service for walkers on the John o’ Groats Trail, handling transfers between accommodation from Inverness to John o’ Groats and all points in between. They have vans going along the whole route most days, and will take information for your entire journey ahead of time, so you can relax about your bag transfers and enjoy your walk.

Their contact details are
Telephone: 01955 950084

If you have booked your accommodation ahead, KW1CK will ask for a list of your accommodation providers with the following information: name of accommodation, arrival date, departure date, name of contact, phone number, address. So you may want to collect this information when you book your accommodation.

The company was founded in 2017 by Gary Gunn, who still runs the business.