Stage 11: Lybster to Whaligoe

Occumster Waterfall

7.4 miles | 11.9 km

This stage starts from the high street in Lybster and goes along the cliff tops most of the way. It passes a beautiful cascade of waterfalls and a needle-like sea stack before reaching the stunning hidden world that is Clyth Harbour. It then passes more waterfalls and there is a chance to see the remains of ancient sea access steps at The Haven. It ends at the stunning Whaligoe Steps and the excellent Whaligoe Cafe.  Please note, if you are continuing on to the next stage, go round to the left of the cafe and follow the markers from there.  Please do not go in the private garden gate below the cafe.

 Amber  (partially marked). The eleventh stage of the JOGT is walkable by a fit walker. There are 2-4 barbed wire fences to cross depending on the exact route walked. There are two or three burns which may be leapt and there will be tall grass in summer. Most of the stage is marked.

Risk of falling when crossing burns. Risk of injury when crossing barbed wire. There is a risk of death from falling off cliffs along most of this stage.

Stage End Information
Whaligoe is a small community with the Whaligoe Cafe, the Whaligoe Steps historic feature. From the A99 look for a sign for the Cairn of Get but go the opposite way from the sign, toward the sea. The Cafe itself doesn’t have a road-side sign. If coming from the south, look for a red van parked in a field just before the Cafe, marked “skip hire.” Busses will pick up and drop off on the A99 near the Cafe. As Whaligoe currently has no accommodation, you could stay at Thrumster House, asking them to pick you up from the Whaligoe Cafe. Then resume the walk the next day from the Cafe. Alternatively, you could walk as far as Sarclet Harbour and then either walk the 3 extra km to Thrumster House or ask them to collect you from there.

More information:


The Lemon Tree B&B
4 miles north of Lybster
Tel: 01593 721180
Mob: 07561 423417
The Antlers B&B
1 mile north of Lybster, 5 minutes walk from trail.