The walk is divided into stages that can each be walked in a day.  Most stages begin and end where food, drink, shops, and accommodation can be found.

Click on each link below to see a status page for that stage.  Check for progress as works are ongoing.  For each stage, the status includes a green/amber/red indication:

Green = walking conditions normal for a footpath or quiet lane

Amber = conditions will occasionally be challenging, such as crossing barbed wire fences or fording small burns

Red = conditions will frequently be challenging and may occasionally be very challenging, such as fording wider (6 feet or more), deeper (18 inches or more) burns or rivers and scrambling up or down steep slopes in remote areas.

Each status page has a link to a walk description and map on in a new tab.  Once a new tab is open, you can navigate from one stage to the next and previous ones using links.  Beware that the walkhighlands walk descriptions are not up to date.  The route has since changed in many places.  However, the GPX maps on walkhighlands are up to date.

  1. Inverness-Culbokie
  2. Culbokie-Alness
  3. Alness-Tain
  4. Tain-Dornoch
  5. Dornoch-Golspie
  6. Golspie- Brora
  7. Brora-Helmsdale
  8. Helmsdale-Berriedale
  9. Berriedale-Dunbeath
  10. Dunbeath-Lybster
  11. Lybster-Whaligoe
  12. Whaligoe-Wick
  13. Wick-Keiss
  14. Keiss-John o’Groats